Monday, February 22, 2010

Salvation Army [SELECT]

So over the weekend, I was scanning photos of past projects I have worked on in design school. I came across a friends blog who documented some of my work in our retail design studio. As a class we worked with the Salvation Army to coordinate, design, market, and merchandise an upscale thrift boutique. The week of the store opening, I was assigned the task of finding outfits for both female and male manikins. Once the outfits were selected I worked closely with professor Patrick Lucas to arrange the end cap display's, female and male section table display's, and the store front window display. This was a wonderful opportunity to bond with a professor and have him applaud my design ideas. The Salvation Army [SELECT] prototype is now open in Greensboro, in the Lake Jeanette shopping center on North Elm Street. Here are a few photo's of the display's Patrick and I worked on, enjoy!

Men's end cap display

Women's end cap display

Men's section display

Women's section display

Frontal view women manikin's 

Front window display at night

Front window display at night

Front window display in daylight


Sush said...

You amaze me! I am so proud of all you have done and can't wait to see all you will do! I love you!

lisa said...

You are SO talented!

And, you help keep me updated on the latest styles :)

Erin H. said...

Very cool Elise! Everything looks amazing!! :-)

elise MIGNON hoffman said...

Thank you all for the love on this post... Lisa I was admiring your post (as i was one of my favorites) and accidentally deleted it :(